Installed systems come with a full 12-month Parts and Labour Warranty. On expiration of the Warranty period JAK Enterprises Ltd will continue to maintain the installation and equipment as indicated in the initial contract.

JAK Enterprises Ltd will be happy to quote for the maintenance of an existing Fire Alarm system no longer supported by a maintenance contract (subject to a comprehensive survey of the system).

Fire Alarms

Fire can occur in even the best run house or businesses, through neglect, accident or faulty equipment. An effective fire detection and alarm system can buy you the most valuable commodity of all, TIME - time to save lives and property. In the event or fire, an effective fire safety system must trigger DETECTION and ALARM in quick succession.

JAK Enterprises Ltd can help you decide what type of detectors and alarms are needed for your premises. Some areas may be more vulnerable to fire than others, or the consequences of a fire could be more damaging or dangerous. Some areas (kitchens for example) may need heat detectors, while in others smoke detectors may be more appropriate. Consequently the premises can be divided into zones with fire detectors specific to the circumstances for each zone. Once the zones have been established, the optimal method of linking them to the control panel can be determined, along with the location of alarm sounders, manual alarm buttons, etc.

JAK Enterprises Ltd always undertake a site survey* prior to quoting for any work and will tailor a Fire Detection and Alarm system for your specific site, location and circumstances.

* Within our normal area of operation THE SURVEY IS FREE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION

* Within our normal area of operation THE SURVEY IS FREE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION