JAK Enterprises Ltd. has full SSAIB Accreditation for Intruder Alarm Systems so you are assured of work to a high professional standard.

Since our systems are designed and installed by a security industry accredited company they automatically qualify for insurance approval.

Installed systems come with a full 12-month Parts and Labour Warranty. On expiration of the Warranty period JAK Enterprises Ltd will continue to maintain the installation and equipment as indicated in the initial contract.

JAK Enterprises Ltd will be happy to quote for the maintenance and or upgrade of an existing Intruder Detection system no longer supported by a maintenance contract (subject to a comprehensive survey of the system).

Intruder Alarms

Intruder Detection systems require a subtle combination of

  • DETECTION: to detect an intruder at or near the entry point and immediately raise the alarm, so that loss or damage is minimised

  • DETERRENCE: to make it obvious that premises are well protected, so that potential intruders are deterred by the greater likelihood of being caught

  • USABILITY: so that the system can be quickly and easily set and unset as and when required

  • NOTIFICATION: so that the alarm makes a loud noise on the premises or contacts you via text or recorded message, or signals an Alarm Receiving Centre via DualCom, Redcare or Digital Communicator

  • EASE OF INSTALLATION: for domestic Installations Grade 2 compliant wireless alarm systems allow fast effective installation with minimum disruption to the household

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JAK Enterprises Ltd provide and install high quality intruder detectors for effectiveness and long term reliability. For high value sites, twin sensor detectors can be provided, which can qualify for a guaranteed response from the police in the event of an alarm triggering.

Once an alarm event is registered a physical alarm is raised. This can be "bells-only", which use a local bell or siren to summon nearby help; or a monitored alarm system which sends a signal to a remote location such as a keyholder or a full ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre) who can call the appropriate services to deal with the event. We can provide alarm systems that are "bells only", monitored, or a combination of the two.

JAK Enterprises Ltd always undertake a site survey* prior to quoting for any work and will tailor an Intruder Detection system for your specific site, location and circumstances.

* Within our normal area of operation THE SURVEY IS FREE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION

* Within our normal area of operation THE SURVEY IS FREE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION